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Vapor Shops: How to Find One You Can Trust

Posted by Gorilla Vapes on Jan 30th 2018

Whether you’re searching for the best online vapor shops to place a quick order or a vape shop near you to drop-in for personalized attention, finding a company you can trust is important. While a lot of big brands sell online, we believe vaping should be an experience. And each of our local vapor shops in NJ reflect that.

Vapor Shops: How to Find One You Can Trust

It can be tough to know exactly who you’re dealing with online, that’s why we wanted to take a minute to tell you a few of the things that make us someone you can feel great vaping with!

Fact #1: We’re Not Just a Vapor Shop, We’re a Vaping Community

We’re a vaping community: your local vapor shop that you can trust.

True, we have some of the lowest prices online, but there’s so much more to Gorilla Vapes than getting a great price on electronic cigarettes and e-liquid. If you ever have any questions, check out our YouTube page or swing by and chat. We’re always ready to help!

Fact #2: We Work with All Vapers

With great flavors and customer service, we aim to please anyone from the average smoker looking to quit cigarettes, to the most experienced person that just wants to blow massive clouds, and anyone in between!

If you’re new to vaping, we can guide you to the right starter kit.

If you’re an experienced vapor, we have what you need to chase the biggest clouds.

We cater to the needs of the most avid vaper, but specialize in introducing and educating those who have no or bad experiences with vaping.

Fact #3: Our Vapor Shop Believes in Quality

We provide our customers with the highest level of service and award-winning support. You can ask us anything. Like you, we care about quality. Quality products and quality customer service.

From helping a new vapor figure out which supplies to stock up on to encouraging an avid vapor to try a new e-liquid flavor, we offer the best solutions for each of our customers quickly and conveniently.

We believe consistency is important with your vaping experience and take pride in our vaping products. And, we stand by our quality. 100% satisfaction, no questions asked.

Fact #4: We Love What We Do

All Gorilla Juices are made with USP pharmaceutical grade ingredients and each is individually FDA approved. We have in-house experts up and down the East Coast conducting research and development for each of our products and all of our hand-crafted premium e-liquids.

Find GV Vapor Shops Near You

If you have any questions about vaping, it’s best to find a vapor shop near you so you can ask in person. Our friendly staff are here to support you every step of the way. Visit one of our many locations on the East Coast to experience the vaping community first-hand.

At Gorilla Vapes, we stand by our quality. 100% satisfaction, no questions asked.

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