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Gorilla Vapes is proud to carry a large selection of replacement coils for your vape tanks. With a wide variety of brands and resistances at competitive prices there is no need to look anywhere else.
What is a coil? Coils (also known as atomizers) are the part of your vape that absorb the eliquid and heat it up to create the vapor. Every coil has a wicking material, mostly organic cotton and sometimes porous ceramic, that has a heating element wrapped around it. This heating element either comes in the form of a wire or a metal mesh with mesh being more widely available and popular due to its even heating of the organic cotton, providing better flavor and typically longer coil life. Vape coils come in different resistances, this determines the wattage (or temperature) you vaporize the liquid at. Lower resistance vape coils require more wattage to fire than high resistance coils (any resistance under 1.0 ohms is referred to as "sub-ohm" vaping). 
Coils do need to be replaced on average every 7 days, with the lifetime of each coil depending on a few factors such as the wattage (or temperature) you vape at, your flavored eliquid used, and the frequency of use. Heavy use may require your vape coil to be replaced more frequently. 

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